Hey! Here is just some information concerning my blog I thought you all should know!

Want to use one of my recipes or another part of a post?
As my mother always told me, imitation is the finest form of flattery. BUT. First, please e-mail me for permission at daniellescreations32[at]gmail[dot]com with the name of your blog and the post you'd like to use, and always link back to my blog in the post, and give me credit. I work too hard on this to allow theft. Also, please use your own photos, and rewrite the content in your own words.

Why no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
I lead a busy life. While I make my blog a priority, I have decided to draw the line after Pinterest, as I find that network benefits my blog the most. This may change once my life calms down a bit.

Any more questions?

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