Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Peaches 'n' Cream Smoothie

Hey there! How have you been? I've been awsome since I recently got two GIANT crates of peaches. Seriously, there are probably about 100 peaches in my house, awaiting their fate. Mwahaha. 

The thing about peaches, though is that they ripen rather speedily, so I had to figure put how to use them up within a week. It wasn't too hard considering how scrumptious they are, whether they're plain or in something.

Whether you are a peach purist, or of you like to put them in pies and cobblers and such, you'll looove this smoothie! The peach and the banana compliment each other well, although the banana's flavor is not really the star of the show. It's more of the supporting role.

Peaches 'n' Cream Smoothie
1 peach, cut into chunks and frozen
1 Banana, cut into rounds and frozen
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 scant tsp cinnamon

Blend in a blender untill smooth. Enjoy immediately.

Comment below your favorite way to use peaches!


  1. Hi, I have a blogger blog like you and I was wondering if you could tell me how you created that nice header you have? I'm bad with the techie stuff and if you could tell me that would help tons! Thanks a lot :)

    1. 1) I downloaded the app, Rhona Designs from the Amazon Appstore
      2) I loaded a light gray background into the app.
      3) I clicked the graphic icon in the upper left-hand corner and chose a banner that I liked.
      4) I clicked the text icon in the upper left hand corner and typed in the name of my blog and positioned it over the banner, adjusting its size and color to my liking.
      5) once I had teamed the sizes, colors and fonts, and was happy with it, I saved the image to my device.
      6) I then used the app, Photo Editor (also from Amazon) and used the resizing tool to make the image 920 pixels wide. Then I saved it to my device. At this point, the graphic is ready for your blog.

      Did you see my response to your comment on the soft serve? This should hopefully explain how to get the picture onto your blog, but let me know if you need any further information! Good luck!

    2. Thanks so much for the helpful info. I actually just made my header using pickmonkey, and I think it looks nice. Your instructions on the soft serve definitely helped me get the image on my blog. Check out my header and tell me what you think! Thanks again!

    3. You're welcome! Oh my goodness, I love it! The font is beautiful! Great job!

  2. Can you send some peaches my way please so I can also partake in smoothie-ness!

    1. I wish I could! No one should have to go without peaches!