Monday, September 22, 2014

Links to Make You Smile

Hello everyone!
Sorry I never posted yesterday! I caught a bug and slept in,  and then I was feeling too gross  and tired all day to be creative enough to write a post. So basically I needed something to cheer me up. Sometimes the best medicine in the world is a smile or laugh, of  course accompanied by a huge mug of tea.
So here I'm going to share some links to thing that make me happy. Hopefully they'll make your day, too.

Happily Ever Eloped by That is What She Read

These gorgeous pictures from World of Wanderlust

This confetti eyeliner from the beauty department

Have you ever seen any of these Honest Trailers? They're pretty funny... and accurate!

How about this prank from The Ellen Show?

Well if I made you smile at all, comment below which link tickled your funny bone!
<3 Danielle


  1. Wow, those pictures from the World of Wanderlust! So pretty! I especially loved the shot of the Milky Way over Peru. And I love that this post was inspired by your own need for a pick-me-up. We all feel that way at times. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! That's my favourite picture on that post, too! Thanks, Amanda!