Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Your Child to Read

Hey All,

I love reading. Maybe you love reading, but these days, most people prefer TV, Internet, and Video games to books. Sad, but true. While this is a problem when it comes to adults, I believe it is even more so a problem when it comes to children and teens. You see, the young mind is still growing and developing. Like a muscle, giving it exercise and using the imagination is what makes it stronger.

Television and video games and many of the things young people do on the internet require little to no imagination. Many teens and children dislike reading because they subconsciously correlate books with school.

But perhaps if they find a good enough book, thier minds can be changed... hmmm....

So I've put together a short list of novels that I am positive could entertain all ages and genders. Really and truely.

First on my list: The False Prince  (the Ascendance Trilogy) by Jennifer A. Nielsen
This novel/series is packed with swordfights, plot twists, and bits of romance. Don't be fooled by the title, this is not just a girly princessy book. Boys (as well as girls) will love Sage, an orphan selected by a royal official, to compete for a chance to win the throne.

Next up is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
Wow. This book is crazy. Composed of both words and beautiful illustrations, I am continually impressed by the work that must have gone into this book. Hugo, a young orphan, is constantly tinkering with cogs, clocks, and machines. But will he be able to fix the mysterious mechanical man his father left behind? And will it be able to answer his questions? 

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
Yes, the same Suzanne Collins as the Hunger Games Suzanne Collins. This is just an earlier, and in my opinion better, work. This is the first in a series of five novels about a boy and his sister who accidentally fall down into a world below where spiders and cockroachs and rats and bats are freakishly huge. Join Gregor on his quest to leave the underland, save the city that resides there, and try to figure out how his father mysteriously dissappeared a while back.

And finally, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
I cannot give these books enough praise. They are packed with suspense, strong characters, laughs, and tears. Harry is off to wizarding school. Join him, his friends, Ron and Hermione, and teachers as they grow up together and work to defeat the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. There is no way I can summarize Harry Potter as the series is composed of 7 long books. But believe me, by the end of book seven, you'll be wishing for more!

There you have it. If these books won't get your child to read, I don't know what will. But keep on trying. It will be worth it.



  1. What a great list! My oldest is four, and is just learning to read right now. While he likes learning to read, he's not really *that* into books. He doesn't watch tv (we don't have one) but we will let him watch a movie or an educational show a few nights a week. I think he's just going through a phase where he just prefers active play, which is what he mostly does now. He listens to bedtime stories, but I can tell he gets bored after a couple and just says, "can we just go to sleep now?"

    I can't wait until he and my baby girl are old enough for the Harry Potter series though! It was one of my favorites growing up! It's SOOOOO GOOOD. I miss the Harry Potter "hype" so much. I haven't heard of/read the other stories... I will have to check them out!

    Did you ever read the Redwall series? I read that at about 8-9 years old and really enjoyed it. Also really good for kids. Do you have kids?

    1. Yes, young kids are hard to keep still! I don't have any children yet myself, but I know what a challenge it can be to try to engage them in quiet activities. It just takes time. I think that the more they are read to at a younger age, the more they'll enjoy reading at an older age.

      Yes, Harry Potter is an amazing series. I personally think that no one can ever grow too old for it!

      The Redwall series? I'll have to look into it. As an (unpublished) author of children's literature, I just love we'll written children's books!