Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Garden: An Update

Well it's been a while since I've shared about my garden! So long in fact, that back then, it looked like this:
That is, if you can even call that a garden. Now I've gotten a few grape tomatoes ripening...
Not to mention some GIANT cucumbers!
Also, this year I've learned the hard way that squash do not need tons of water. I was over watering them for a while, so now they are looking mostly dead. (Excuse my  The Princess Bride reference.) Also, I've learned that herbs don't need much water. Thankfully, all of them (except for the stevia plant) are 98% alive. 

So, do you have a garden? How is it doing (comment below)


  1. WOW! What a beautiful garden! I've always wanted one when I get my own house! Lovely! And that's a stevia plant?! That's amazing!! LOVE that you have that!

    1. Thank you, Cailee Joy! Yes, I love my garden; it's like having a mini produce section in my back yard!
      Stevia is a herb used as a sweeter. But it's a plant that strives in droughts, and I always tend to over-water my plants :)

  2. OMG, that cucumber is ridiculous, lol! I'm so jealous you have a garden. As much as I love city life I miss having a garden and even just a yard, lol. All we have is sidewalk and pavement!

    1. Yes, I am so grateful for my garden! Do you have any room/ balcony space/window sills that could fit potted plants? Herbs don't take up much space.