Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cold Brew Coffee

Did you know coffee can be made without any fancy machines, electricity or without heat?
Isn't that an interesting picture? I like the contrasting reflection, even if it is the result of a very very low quality camera...

Anyway, back to the coffee..... YES! If the power ever goes out for an extended period of time, not all hope is lost! That is, if cold coffee is acceptable. But diehards would drink it at any temperature, I'm sure.

Cold-Brew Overnight Coffee
1/2 cup ground coffee 
2- 2 1/2 water (depends on how strong the brew is desired to be)

1) Soak the ground coffee in the water overnight (~8 hours)
2) Strain grounds out of the coffee using a fine cloth. (A nut milk bag or cheese cloth may work)
3) Heat up, serve over ice, or drink straight up if desired.

~~{~@ Danielle

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