Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why I Love Audiobooks

Audiobooks. Some like 'em, some don't. I never did until last summer, when the online library I utilize, My Media Mall, only had the book I really wanted to borrow in the audiobook format. Gosh, that was a blessing in disguise!

I began listening to the book all the time, since audiobooks are hands-free; no page turning! They are very talented at making time speed by, converting hours to minutes and minutes to seconds. So in other words, got a long car trip, a tedious task, or a cumbersome workout ahead? Go ahead, don't dread it anymore! Download that audiobook, and look forward to those things you're dreading.

I especially love it when the reader of the audiobook uses much expression and multiple voices. It's like a movie without the screen. Remember that book review I posted a while ago, Dick Van Dyke's autobiography, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business ? Well guess who reads the audiobook version-- Dick Van Dyke himself! How cool is that?

May I also suggest the Harry Potter series? The reader, Jim Dale uses so many voices and expressions, it's mindblowing how he keeps them straight!

So go ahead, try it out. What do you have to loose? You sure have much to gain!

~~{~@ Danielle

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